Working with outdoor space is always fun, as there is so much natural beauty and décor to capitalise on. Durban has some of the best weather in the world, all year round - with winter being something we only see in the movies. It would be crazy not to have an outside area to enjoy, entertain and show off.

We created a very natural outdoor element with this project, in the midst of the gorgeous bush and beauty. Outdoor areas generally provide ample space to move around and relax in, as this garden setting did. We took advantage of the open area with a spacious hardwood table and chairs. Hardwoods are perfect for outdoor areas, as they endure against any bad weather, and are easily treated to keep them looking fresh.

We chose vibrant, eye-catching colours for our décor, to stand out against the natural outdoor elements and to give this setting a fun feel. The use of subtle lighting around the tree provides ambience for an evening event, and is an unobtrusive feature.




Outdoor spaces are perfect for hosting events, and provide a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Here are some key elements that you need when planning your space:


  • Purchase seating that can withhold the elements and be easily cleaned, folded down or moved when need be.
  • Lighting is essential for evening events, and they provide a simple, useful means of beauty and décor.
  • If you don’t have the privilege of having a beautiful garden view, you can add imagery of gorgeous greenery and unique potted plants to add a fresh, homely feel to your outside area.
  • Bright, vibrant colour is essential, as it brings out that cheerful, happy feeling that summer exudes.




A formal lounge setting is generally clean, simple and sophisticated. This lounge concept is inspired by the clients’ colour choices of brown and gold, and was worked on a tight budget. We kept the look and feel elegant, yet comfortable, with the warm, natural colours of the walls and furniture. Clever, ambient lighting is both affordable and easily adaptable to any lounge setting. We chose lighting that catches the eye and creates that sophisticated look. 




An area can still look amazing, even on a tight budget. By having key elements, such as a T.V unit, lighting and beautifully designed and painted walls, you can keep costs down and still make it look exquisite. Walls give you a beautiful big, open canvas that can be painted in unique ways, and brighten up a room. Browse through Pinterest for a couple hours, you will find inspiration on various ways to liven up your walls.

Lighting is another easy way to turn your drab into fab. Hang a beautiful chandelier from your ceiling and add some unique standing lamps, placed against a freshly painted wall, for a gorgeously lighted feature in your room.

Make sure you shop around - you don’t have to go for expensive, top of the range things – you will find some fantastic selections at reasonable prices. Check out, or for some inspiration.





House Beagle

This was an extremely exciting project to work on. We had some very definite guidelines to follow, but were also given creative license, and had lots of fun with all the different elements!

The clients’ personality shines through in every room; with strong over the top features making each area unique. The library/entrance foyer in particular, portrays the clients’ love for books, words and reading. We turned an ordinary bookshelf into an eye-catching colour palette of beautiful literature. Oversized turquoise glasses, offset on a purple wall, shout vibrancy in this space and again bring out the clients’ love of reading. 



There is no such thing as a ‘humans only’ space in this home – dogs have just as much rule as anyone else. This doggy love is beautifully portrayed through black vinyls on the wall – a simple, yet dynamic feature.


Dining room areas are the perfect place to elaborate on your unique style, as there is generally a larger space to play with and more key elements, such as lighting. For this client we kept a bold approach, with statement over the top pieces such as the oversized dining chairs and splashes of bright colours on the other chairs. The unique lighting feature pops out beautifully against the dark ceilings and walls, giving a contrasting ambience of dark and light.



For the lounge area, we went for a very modern clean-cut approach, with the bold royal blue wall making a statement. There are various unique features that make this space interesting and appealing, such as the patterned couch with pops of pink and purple, as well the different lighting and side table features that are all distinct in their own way.




Over the top (OTT) features are a hugely popular way of shouting your signature style and uniqueness. An OTT feature should highlight boldly, something that you want people to know about you. For example, if your deep love is komodo dragons and your favourite colour is cerise pink, then have a giant pink Komodo dragon chair sculpted for your lounge area! OTT is all about being creative and having fun with what you love.




This is a concept board that we did for an upcoming main bedroom design. We have gone for an oriental feel with clean, simple lines and the use of natural elements found in the wood and copper finishes. The red plum blossom images and vibrant colouring throughout the bedroom, makes it an eye-catching and welcoming space to live in.



We offer a full turnkey service when undergoing renovations. From floor to ceiling and everything in between, we ensure that your renovation process is a hassle-free, pleasant experience. We work with a group of amazing contractors, including builders, plumbers, electricians, shop-fitters and soft finishers that have all worked closely together on many projects and have a great working relationship. Whether we are starting at the drawing board with conceptual thinking and design, building from ground level or simply adding some elegant finishing touches to your home, we will do a complete project, ensuring the job gets done efficiently and effectively. No obstacle is too big - our team of experts will work together to overcome any bump in the road.


House Brooks

Keeping on trend with one of the hot colours of 2014 - turquoise - we designed this chic and modern contemporary guest bathroom. Clean, simple design is visually appealing and perfect for a bathroom setting. The use of neutral colours such as grey and beige (brought in with tiles and natural wood) with the pop of turquoise colouring makes this a vibrant yet simplistic design.

The hexagon shaped shelving is a key feature of this unique bathroom - keeping the look and feel simple, yet striking. The vinyl flooring is a fantastic product that worked well with the clean feel of this bathroom. The use of the flooring up the side of the bath keeps it flowing and gives a great unique quality to this space. We loved designing this bathroom.


Keeping the flow of clean and simple throughout the house - we designed the main bathroom with a similar feel. We kept the vinyl flooring for consistency, matching it with the natural wood look on the vanity and in the shelving. White is always a clean and classic look and feel in a bathroom, and we felt it flowed beautifully with the natural look of the flooring and shelving.



The addition and subtle touch of the gold trimmings, keeps this bathroom on trend and looking classically sophisticated. The circular vanity mirror doubles up as a cupboard door and adds a unique finish to this gorgeous bathroom design.



Vanities are a unique, simple and useful way to make a statement in a bathroom. Whether it’s a simple, rounded vanity or a larger, uniquely shaped vanity, each has its own beauty and appeal. You can go all out with crazy designs to make a statement or keep it subtle, yet eye-catching. Vanities are best made to customer fit your unique style and personality, here are some ideas that we love…





Forthcoming bar design ideas for a boutique hotel

This is a concept board for an upcoming cocktail bar idea that we have been working on. Let us know your thoughts, do you like it? Would you change anything?

We kept a very neutral and clean-cut approach to this design - keeping in line with what’s trending, as well as the overall look and feel of the hotel, with its sleek, pristine finishes. We added in an element of fun and slight pop of colour with the scarlet red lips as a feature.




This month in understanding design lingo and concepts, we will explain space planning a little, in order for you to understand what this entails.

In space planning, the design professional blocks out interior spatial areas, defines circulation patterns, and develops plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement. Basically, we design your interior layout so that you can use it in the best way, more efficiently and best suited to the functionality that it requires. We keep in mind all the special furniture pieces you would like in place, while designing and creating a beautiful interior around these. 


Decorex 2014


We are so excited to be involved at decorex this year! Belgotex and Plascon have joined forces and sponsored a 'trend house' to be featured this year. We are designing the lounge and have some amazing ideas to pull together a striking scheme. Our Concept it Afro-Deco Trends, with inspirations from our beautiful country, the amazing art deco architecture found in Durban and 2014 design trends.


Please have a look at our Decorex Design board on pinterest to get a taste of whats to come and be sure to visit us at Decorex Durban from the 20 March to the 23 March.

I am so excited about Cape Town being awarded the world design capital for 2014! It is a fantastic step forward for South African Design to be recognised world wide, and design itself to be used in innovative ways to transform and improve living in Cape Town. The central theme for the movement is "Live Design.Transform Life" The vision is 'to transform Cape Town through design into a sustainable, productive African city, bridging historic divides and building social and economic inclusion.' 

Even though the overall event is based in Cape Town there will be design projects held all over South Africa, 100% design will run along side decorex in Joberg and Cape Town, and the Design Indaba will be held in Cape Town; Joberg; Durban; Potchefstroom; and PE. There are 450 official projects, check them out here

It is thrilling to see design being used as an initiative to improve life, and in doing so making people aware of the effects design can have on people's lives. Design is not just about making things beautiful, we use design to come up with innovative ideas on how to solve problems and situations. We all use a bit of design in our everyday lives, we design routines for our children, weekly menus to feed our families and keep them healthy, the quickest route to work, etc. My challenge to you is to use design the best way you know how and improve something in your life, even if it is something as simple as a new healthy meal.

So we at Redesign Interiors are going to embrace 2014 as the year of design, using our beautiful country and its crafts as our inspiration, and displaying our passion for design in our work and sharing as much as we can with you. 

Whats happening in 2014?!

Redesign Interiors will be going through some great experiences in 2014, a baby will be born, we design a stand at Decorex, we put our stamp in Zambia, we create new Design Packages and a new product! And all this is the first quarter of the year.

The new addition to my family, our baby girl, is due at the end of this month. We are so excited to meet her! I will be taking a couple months leave once she has arrived and Ashleigh our Senior Designer will be in the office to tend to all your needs. Contact her on 074 624 1517 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I will still be around and supervising all the work so will be available if need be. Here are a few sneak peaks of her nearly complete nursery.

Ashleigh and I are so thrilled to be designing the lounge for the Belgotex/Plascon house at Decorex this year. I have been working on the Concept in the holidays and the design will be based on Art Deco designs with an African Twist and we will be re using all sorts to make up our items. It is going to be an eclectic collections of all things I love about design! Cant wait.

At the end of 2013 we were approached by a Zambian Architectural Firm to assist in designing a home in Zambia. We are in the beginning stages of negotiations and everything is going well. We are ecstatic to be able to put our design stamp in another African country!

Redesign Interiors has designed 3 different Design Packages to tend to all interior design needs and budgets. A Decor Package, Design Package and Interior Architecture Package. These Packages, what they include and their costs will be loaded on the website soon. These will be a great product to help our clients make their interior dreams come true.

We are very excited to introduce a new product to our design firm, Redesign in a box. These are full concept designs for specific areas and contain all the information you need to create your space on your own. We will be launching this product at Decorex.

We cant wait to get started this year and look forward to designing for our current clients and meeting new ones along the way. We wish you all the best for 2014!


I cant believe that we have been through another year already! We are 3 weeks from shut down and I have not blogged once this year, completely shocking.


We have had such an amazing year again, and I can only thank my clients and my wonderful supporting family for this. I am truly blessed with what I have. Thank you.


This year Redesign Interiors employed our first designer, Ashleigh Millar. I'm sure a lot of you already know who she is and can agree she has been a delightful addition. Ashleigh has her degree in interior design and is a very talented and passionate young lady. She has done exceptionally well this year and worked very hard. I am very thankful to have her by my side. Especially seems next year I will be on leave for the first few months looking after my baby girl :) If you need anything Ashleigh will be available to help and I will always be in the background too.


Next year we have big plans! And plan to do big things! I cant wait to share it all with you and this time I will!



What a year! 

Thank you to my family and friends who have supported me through this year! Without you all I would not be where I am today. I am blessed to have you all in my life. :)

Redesign Interiors has come a long way in one year! From having only a couple clients to having over 20! It has been a fantastic year filled with love, creativity and stress :-/ 

I am so lucky to be able to do what I love.

I cant wait to start next year and see what adventures and challanges I come across. I'm really hoping for a resturant design to come my way, so that'll be my christmas wish :) I wish you all a very

Merry Christmas  and holidays that are filled with happiness!


p.s next year I shall endeavour to write more bolg posts!



Wow! Suddenly things have just picked up! Silly season is in full swing :)


Here are a few things I have been up to this week:

Finishing off a bedroom makeover. We still need to put the finishing touches together

Watch this space for completed project....


We have stripped a kitchen to its bare concrete

New kitchen to be complete in October, will post pics then.

And a design concept I am working on for a renvation in La Lucia


Interior design by redesign interiors



Gorgeous Wallpapers

I am SO excited about this project. It is going to be absolutely amazing when completed. Here are a few pics of the gorgeous wallpaper that was installed last week.

interior design by redesign interiors


5 favs on pinterest today


I love simple lighting. A piece of steel, a coloured cord and a beautiful glass light bulb, makes marvelous industrial piece.


Quirky cushions! How adorable is this squirrel?



i LOVE this server! The legs, the curved drawer fronts and the timber, just gorgeous!


Now who wouldn’t want this statement piece in their house? I adore the use of pantone stripes on the vintage unit. Would look amazing in an all white interior with colourful cushions to match.

And of course I have to add some DIY. This wall décor is super clever and easy to make, as well as being fantastic eye candy. The hearts are paper cut outs, strung together and hung from a timber rod.



how to create gallery walls


I love gallery walls! They are the perfect instrument to tell a story about your life, or a new addition to your family, or a fantastic holiday! There are no set rules on creating gallery walls but from experience with other clients I realise that sometimes it can be a bit daunting to get it right. So here are a few guidelines to create your perfect gallery wall:

step one:Find your story, decide on something you want to talk about on your wall. It could just be a selection of photos from the past 5 years that you just never got around to developing, or maybe you just went on an amazing trip to botswana and want to show her off.

step two:Find the perfect spot in your house to showcase your gallery wall. Make sure it is big enough for what you wish to display and in a good spot that everyone can admire.



step three:Decide on the media you will be using. I love mixed media walls! Using different items as well as your favorite pics creates a very interesting, 3d, come closer and have a look see wall. You can use anything on your wall, lets use the botswana trip as an example...maybe you bought an awesome beaded elephant-add her to your wall...OR...had an amazing hot air balloon experience add a sketch of the balloon...OR...found your favorite tree to read a good book, use the photo blow it up on canvas and change it to pop art then use on your gallery wall.

step four:Once you have collected all the items you intend on using, lay them out on the floor and start playing with the arrangement. It doesn't matter what shape they form just make sure that they are all the same distance apart, I usually use a gap on 5cm. Once you have the desired arrangement take a photo, this way it will all still be in order when you start hanging.

step five:Make sure the arrangement you have made on the floor fits the wall you have chosen. Start hanging from the centre image out. Place the centre image on the centre of the wall, ensuring there is enough space around it and start hanging!


additional tips


  • to tell the perfect story arrange the image in story format.Again I will use the botswana trip as an example, start at the top of the wall left hand side with the first image then work left to right and down the wall telling the story

  • put emphasis on your favorite moments by making those images larger or by using elaborate frames

  • if you don’t have the floor space or are not comfortable with the arrangement make paper templates of everything and tape them to the wall, this way you'll know exactly what they'll look like up and if you like it!

  • you can match the colours of frames and pictures to your interior, it works quite nicely but is not a neccissity

  • Lastly don’t over think it, just trust your gut :)


interior design by redesign interiors





I am inlove with this gorgeous, wonderfully designed high chair! It is gorgeous to look at and has all the functionality needed. Designed by spanish design firm culdesac. It will be the inspriartion for my own design one day.



gorgeous nursery design

redesign interiors


I have had the pleasure of designing a concept for a precious little girl's nursery. The overall theme given to me was owls, so cute and charming. I've added some colour and some clever DIY and all together it makes a great concept!




I've used some great DIY feratures to bring down costs (thank you pinterest smiley) like the lace and twine pendants and the night light made from canvas and fairy lights. I love the simple retro design of the first image and the great woodland creatures, with the added colour palete from the wall vinyls this is going to be fabulous interior!  And dont you just love the bookshelf/doll'shouse?!

We will be implementing this design in Septemeber and should be complete by end October, will post the results. Cant wait.

Welcome to Redesign Interiors blog

I am so excited to finally have my webpage and blog up and running! A special thanks to Karocki Media for being completely awesome and creating this amazing site for me, you guys seriously rock :)

Just a quick note about me. I studied interior design at Durban University of Technology and received my degree in 2010. I have been working with other interior designers for the past 3 years and decided a year ago to venture out on myself, best decision I ever made. I LOVE what I do and am extremely passionate about my work. I am also a mommy to a very gorgeous 16month old boy, Mr Liam, he holds my heart in his hands. My amazing husband Jason has given me the support and love I have needed to go on this venture, thanks babe. And of course my wonderful family has been right by my side the whole way! 

I look forward to posting about the happenings at redesign interiors and keeping you in the loop with the hottest in interior design!


Watch this space....