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New Year, New Resolutions!

Happy, happy 2016 everybody! We are so excited for what this year has in store, and we can’t wait to share it with you. 

The beginning of a new year is always so much fun, with everyone’s resolutions kicking in and the chance to start things afresh. People are energised from that much needed break and it’s the time for those creative juices to flow. Liven things up a little this year with a new slick of paint, or how about a big, beautiful new bathtub? 

Our Redesign team are ready and raring to go - we are oozing with creativity and just general awesomeness, so let the quirkiness commence!





2016 Highlights

2016 is quickly becoming a year of radness. We have some amazing new projects coming up this year that we can hardly wait to get our hands on. Some of these projects include: A holiday home revamp in the Midlands (ooh); the completion of House N in Umhlanga; some exciting new Dubai clients; two North Beach apartments and a swanky CBD penthouse. All this and it's only a couple weeks into 2016 - how thrilling!

If your 2016 involves a new building, a quick revamp or a much needed addition and you would like an awesome, fun and inspiring team to design, manufacture, construct and project manage for you, then give us a call. We can definitely have it done by Christmas (wink wink).

Have a look at these concept ideas for upcoming projects this year - we do love a good concept!

Marvellous Milan


Milan, a city full of history, rich culture and abundant creativity! We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to visit this amazing city. Its always fun to visit somewhere new - we were so inspired by all the awesome design. ?

We had the privilege of attending the HOMI fair in Milan, which offered plenty of design to feast our eyes on.?

The show was full of incredible decor and design elements. We explored all the new fabric houses from France and Holland - what magnificent colours and patterns, they were all so beautiful! Sitap ( had the most gorgeous rugs, it was hard to hold back on taking them all home - there was just so much choice and variety. ?

HOMI 2015 was alive with fun, quirky decor stands - it was impossible not to gasp at every corner. There was a whole stand solely dedicated to zany clocks - what’s not to love about that? This was one of our favourites for sure. We loved being introduced to new suppliers and designers!

 milan homi fair

The quality of design at the show was just outstanding. Every exhibitor went all out to show what their company was about - every stand was magnificent. The show inspired us to create our own amazing stand… Watch this space!

All-in-all, Homi 2015 was an incredible experience that left us a little wiser, enthralled by Italian design and ready to create some new masterpieces. Perhaps next year we will check out the Milan furniture show, who knows.


New Office Space

They say a change is as good as a holiday, so we thought we would change it up a little with a new office space. We are absolutely loving it, and are pretty sure you will too. We work on an appointment only basis as we are often on site and not always in the office - please email or call us to book a meeting with us. 

Our new address is:
36 Hagart Rd, Pinetown.
Call us on 031 709 6318.

redesign interiors interior designers offices

House Beagle gets a makeover!

A couple of months ago, we spoke about House Beagle, a project we were working on. We have since completed this home makeover, and we are so excited to share it with you!

House Beagle has been an ongoing project for a number of months now, and it’s so fantastic to see how it has finally come together, with every room unique and eye-catching in its own way. Our latest additions to the House Beagle project were the bedrooms and bathrooms. The idea was to transform the rest of the home as we did with the library and living room areas. We stuck with the quirky theme, bringing the owners colourful personality into every room.

??Colour, variation and fun were the name of the game with this project. We included gorgeous pops of colour in all rooms, such as the vibrant pink wall in the main bathroom and fun prints on the bedroom walls and in the curtains.?

?One of our favourite features of the main bedroom is the revamped cupboards with powder coated black aluminium frames and frosted glass. They are the key focus of the space, and portray elegance and simplicity.?

?It is not necessary to always buy new – often, just subtle changes to walls and furniture that you already own, can make a huge difference to your look. We did this with the one wall in the bedroom, by removing the plaster and exposing the brick, and painting over it with an off-white paint finish. It came out beautifully. ?

* All images were happily snapped on a smartphone - we will show you some professional shots soon.





Garden and Home Feature

We were so excited to receive a call from Candice at the Garden and Home magazine a couple of months ago. Candice was doing a bathroom feature and wanted to know if we had done anything that would suit the theme. Of course we leaped at the opportunity, showing her the recent bathroom we did for House Brooks, which she loved. Here are some images of the bathroom that was featured – we are honoured to have been a part of this.


July Newsletter

We recently completed an office layout in Westway Park, and are so thrilled with how it turned out. The initial concept board saw us designing with some different colour variations to the final outcome, but the finished installation looked amazing regardless.

Offices are always a challenge to design, as they need to look unique, trendy and sophisticated without going over the top with the furniture. They are also fun to design, because they allow us to be more creative with eye-catching pieces that bring vibrancy to an otherwise dull space.

 For these offices, we went with very neutral colours and clean, open spaces to accentuate the subtle, yet unique design concepts.


 Have a look at our original concept board below. 





Can you believe that Christmas bells are just around the corner? The wind down has almost begun, and it’s time to get stuff done before the holidays set in. If you are wanting to revamp your spot for the Christmas holidays, and impress those long lost cousins of yours, now is the time.

Our projects board is filling up quickly as people prepare for the holiday season, so if you would like to book us, please get in touch. Last orders will be taken in October for the Christmas period, and we do not want to disappoint, so please ensure timely orders are placed. We look forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to revamp and brighten up your space!

Redesign Interiors at Index Dubai

The month of May was an exciting time for Redesign Interiors, as it saw us hopping on an aeroplane for the much anticipated Index Dubai.

 Index Dubai takes place annually at the Dubai World Trade Centre, with exhibitors from all over the world setting up stands to display what their country has to showcase. It is the region's number one interior design exhibition, with some of the country’s elite attending this event. 

 We decided to portray contemporary South African culture through our stand, incorporating some beautiful pieces, unique to SA. Space was extremely limited, as was the time that we had to install, so we needed to be clever with the selection of items we sent over. Everything had to fit in a 50 x 50 x 50cm box and effectiveness was a must. Vinyl’s, lighting, bright pink flamingos and copper decor seemed like the obvious choices! We love the delicious monster leaf (available in most South African gardens) - the colour and shape of it is gorgeous, which made it an easy choice for decorating the walls of our stand.

 A local craftsman in Hillcrest makes these divine bright pink flamingos, which I had to have - they turned out to be a great attention grabber for visitors. The lighting section was a super easy and effective way of adding light - made from steel brackets and bulbs on wire, it was just the thing needed to add ambience to the stand.

 If any of you have seen our previous stands, you will recognise the wooden cut outs and copper decor that we adore!

It was a huge honour to be a part of such a magnificent event, and such a great experience and learning curve for Redesign Interiors. The calibre of design and the scope of work that is spoken about in Dubai is mind blowing. Everything needs to be bigger and better than before and there doesn't seem to be a limit to the budget. 

 The show was abuzz with thousands of people, and incredible designs from all over the world. It wasn’t possible to visit each and every stand, because of the enormity of the show, however, we were able to view and photograph some of the work. We met great people from all over the world and saw some amazing stands! It is exhilarating being exposed to such awesome design.  

Some of the amazing stands that were on display include: Adjao from France, Sentient from New York, Almarge from UAE and Zendi from Morocco, to name just a few! All had amazing work and products!

 We hope to be able to visit Index Dubai again next year, for more incredible experiences and inspiration. 




In September, we will be heading to Milan for the HOMI Lifestyle Trade Fair, and we are so very excited for what this has to offer. Keep an eye on your inboxes and our Facebook page for more feedback on the Fair. 


Decorex 2015

Decorex 2015 was one for the books. It was really well received by both exhibitors and the public, and each day saw hundreds of people entering through the doors to see what was on offer. The show was buzzing and full of excitement, and there was such a great vibe. We had so much fun creating our stands, and it was fabulous to see people enjoying our designs - we received such amazingly positive responses from the public.  

The calibre of design at the show this year, was absolutely fantastic! It is always so inspiring to work alongside such talented designers and creatives, and to see what others come up with. Well done Durban Designers! 

We went with very neutral, earthy colours for our stands with pops of green and red bringing vibrance to each stand. Our designs were inspired by our love for Africa and all of her beauty, with the use of beautiful wildlife photography from Warwick Locke Photography.


Introducing our new employee…

We are excited to have a new designer on board the Redesign team. Meghan Williamson joined the team in March, and has already been a huge asset to our business, and it is awesome to have her around. She is fun, vibey and an exciting addition to Redesign Interiors - we can't wait to see where her creativity takes her. You can expect to see her on site as well as in the office, working hard on amazing designs. She is passionate about what she does, and gets completely involved in every project that we work on.

“I am looking forward to bringing some quirky elements to the team and am excited to see what happens next!” - Meghan Williamson




Conceptual thinking!

Our African wildlife inspired stands, lead us to create a game lodge concept - adding something new to our Redesign Interiors portfolio. 

 What's not to love about South Africa? With her rolling green hills, multi-cultural people and sheer diversity on every level, it's hard not to want to incorporate this into design.  We would love to have the opportunity to design a game lodge showing locals and tourists how gorgeous the interiors can look, by incorporating South African wildlife and all of her beauty.  

Africa is known for its exquisite wildlife canvasses, its bold animal textile prints and its beautifully woven baskets - but we want to take things to a whole new level. Think gorgeous, life size giraffe wallpaper, blown up animal prints used as artwork pieces or textured wall coverings. All of these would look absolutely amazing, and give any space a beautifully unique African feel.  

South Africa and all she has to offer, needs to be showcased in a beautiful light! Get in touch with us to find out how we can turn your ordinary game lodge, into an extraordinary one!



Bespoke Furniture

Every room needs one piece that stands out from the rest - to give it that WOW factor! Our passion is designing furniture that does just that. Furniture should be unique, and evoke interest from your guests. It needs to suit your space and bring it to life. Bespoke furniture is anything from patchwork telephone tables, to multi-layered media units, to the perfect, unique couch.

Let us help you create a unique bespoke furniture design to suit your home and your budget. 


Decorex Durban is always a fun, interactive show, that sees thousands of people from in and around Durban, set foot through its doors.  

Redesign Interiors showcased at the Decorex Exhibition last year, together with Uber Haus, and we are so excited to be back again this year, exhibiting alongside various other creatives and experts in the industry. Find us at the entrance feature as well as in the private property trend house - we will be teamed up once again with Uber Haus. 

Black is the new white this year, so we have themed our whole entrance stand around these two colours, with one black interior and one white - to show how dramatically beautiful these two colours can look on their own. The Uber Haus all black kitchen is going to be a complete stunner, don't miss out on seeing it. 

Beautiful photography is a key element of any home, and this year we will be showcasing some inspiring pieces by Warwick Locke Photography, as well as some brilliant ideas to insert your personality into your interior. 

The exhibition takes place at the Durban Exhibition Centre from 19 - 22 March, with tickets available for purchase on their website over here.  




Here at Redesign Interiors, we endeavour to design spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and uniquely glamorous, by combining current trends, functional design and individual style into each and every corner that we touch. We firmly believe that every space needs to shout individuality, and be a part of the journey of the people living in it, working in it and loving it.

Our passion for design, nature and all things South African, often drives us to design Eco-friendly and African-inspired interiors.

It is because of this, that we brought home one of the prestigious African Property Awards in September last year. This award, part of the long-standing International Property Awards, celebrates the highest level of achievement by various companies in the property and real estate sectors. The award is recognised internationally as a symbol of excellence, and is the greatest compliment that a company can receive.

Redesign Interiors went up against numerous other highly skilled interior designers in our area, coming out on top. We were then invited to attend the high-profile gala that took place in Dubai in December, to compete against other winning countries from around the globe – a huge honour.




Our award-winning interior for House De Goede saw us redesigning the entire home from top to bottom. Our green fingers lead the way with this project, by using all of the existing furniture to revamp and refurbish the space, to create the client’s vision of a natural, calm, ‘Karoo-like’ environment.  







This year we will be showcasing our designs at Decorex Durban. We are so excited to be there, it's going to be great show.

The exhibition takes place at the Durban Exhibition Centre and provides visitors with a comprehensive showcase of the latest decor and design trends, products and services - allowing them to leave with great ideas and inspiration for their interior and exterior spaces. 

 Pop in and say hi if you're visiting the show, we would love to see you!


Working with outdoor space is always fun, as there is so much natural beauty and décor to capitalise on. Durban has some of the best weather in the world, all year round - with winter being something we only see in the movies. It would be crazy not to have an outside area to enjoy, entertain and show off.

We created a very natural outdoor element with this project, in the midst of the gorgeous bush and beauty. Outdoor areas generally provide ample space to move around and relax in, as this garden setting did. We took advantage of the open area with a spacious hardwood table and chairs. Hardwoods are perfect for outdoor areas, as they endure against any bad weather, and are easily treated to keep them looking fresh.

 We chose vibrant, eye-catching colours for our décor, to stand out against the natural outdoor elements and to give this setting a fun feel. The use of subtle lighting around the tree provides ambience for an evening event, and is an unobtrusive feature.





Outdoor spaces are perfect for hosting events, and provide a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Here are some key elements that you need when planning your space:


  • Purchase seating that can withhold the elements and be easily cleaned, folded down or moved when need be.
  • Lighting is essential for evening events, and they provide a simple, useful means of beauty and décor.
  • If you don’t have the privilege of having a beautiful garden view, you can add imagery of gorgeous greenery and unique potted plants to add a fresh, homely feel to your outside area.
  • Bright, vibrant colour is essential, as it brings out that cheerful, happy feeling that summer exudes.





A formal lounge setting is generally clean, simple and sophisticated. This lounge concept is inspired by the clients’ colour choices of brown and gold, and was worked on a tight budget. We kept the look and feel elegant, yet comfortable, with the warm, natural colours of the walls and furniture. Clever, ambient lighting is both affordable and easily adaptable to any lounge setting. We chose lighting that catches the eye and creates that sophisticated look.








An area can still look amazing, even on a tight budget. By having key elements, such as a T.V unit, lighting and beautifully designed and painted walls, you can keep costs down and still make it look exquisite. Walls give you a beautiful big, open canvas that can be painted in unique ways, and brighten up a room. Browse through Pinterest for a couple hours, you will find inspiration on various ways to liven up your walls.

Lighting is another easy way to turn your drab into fab. Hang a beautiful chandelier from your ceiling and add some unique standing lamps, placed against a freshly painted wall, for a gorgeously lighted feature in your room.

Make sure you shop around - you don’t have to go for expensive, top of the range things – you will find some fantastic selections at reasonable prices. Check out or for some inspiration.



This was an extremely exciting project to work on. We had some very definite guidelines to follow, but were also given creative license, and had lots of fun with all the different elements!

The clients’ personality shines through in every room; with strong over the top features making each area unique. The library/entrance foyer in particular, portrays the clients’ love for books, words and reading. We turned an ordinary bookshelf into an eye-catching colour palette of beautiful literature. Oversized turquoise glasses, offset on a purple wall, shout vibrancy in this space and again bring out the clients’ love of reading. 





There is no such thing as a ‘humans only’ space in this home – dogs have just as much rule as anyone else. This doggy love is beautifully portrayed through black vinyls on the wall – a simple, yet dynamic feature.





Dining room areas are the perfect place to elaborate on your unique style, as there is generally a larger space to play with and more key elements, such as lighting. For this client we kept a bold approach, with statement over the top pieces such as the oversized dining chairs and splashes of bright colours on the other chairs. The unique lighting feature pops out beautifully against the dark ceilings and walls, giving a contrasting ambience of dark and light.




For the lounge area, we went for a very modern clean-cut approach, with the bold royal blue wall making a statement. There are various unique features that make this space interesting and appealing, such as the patterned couch with pops of pink and purple, as well the different lighting and side table features that are all distinct in their own way.






Over the top (OTT) features are a hugely popular way of shouting your signature style and uniqueness. An OTT feature should highlight boldly, something that you want people to know about you. For example, if your deep love is komodo dragons and your favourite colour is cerise pink, then have a giant pink Komodo dragon chair sculpted for your lounge area! OTT is all about being creative and having fun with what you love.





This is a concept board that we did for an upcoming main bedroom design. We have gone for an oriental feel with clean, simple lines and the use of natural elements found in the wood and copper finishes. The red plum blossom images and vibrant colouring throughout the bedroom, makes it an eye-catching and welcoming space to live in. 






We offer a full turnkey service when undergoing renovations. From floor to ceiling and everything in between, we ensure that your renovation process is a hassle-free, pleasant experience. We work with a group of amazing contractors, including builders, plumbers, electricians, shop-fitters and soft finishers that have all worked closely together on many projects and have a great working relationship. Whether we are starting at the drawing board with conceptual thinking and design, building from ground level or simply adding some elegant finishing touches to your home, we will do a complete project, ensuring the job gets done efficiently and effectively. No obstacle is too big - our team of experts will work together to overcome any bump in the road.





Keeping on trend with one of the hot colours of 2014 - turquoise - we designed this chic and modern contemporary guest bathroom. Clean, simple design is visually appealing and perfect for a bathroom setting. The use of neutral colours such as grey and beige (brought in with tiles and natural wood) with the pop of turquoise colouring makes this a vibrant yet simplistic design.



The hexagon shaped shelving is a key feature of this unique bathroom - keeping the look and feel simple, yet striking. The vinyl flooring is a fantastic product that worked well with the clean feel of this bathroom. The use of the flooring up the side of the bath keeps it flowing and gives a great unique quality to this space. We loved designing this bathroom.



Keeping the flow of clean and simple throughout the house - we designed the main bathroom with a similar feel. We kept the vinyl flooring for consistency, matching it with the natural wood look on the vanity and in the shelving. White is always a clean and classic look and feel in a bathroom, and we felt it flowed beautifully with the natural look of the flooring and shelving.



The addition and subtle touch of the gold trimmings, keeps this bathroom on trend and looking classically sophisticated. The circular vanity mirror doubles up as a cupboard door and adds a unique finish to this gorgeous bathroom design.







Vanities are a unique, simple and useful way to make a statement in a bathroom. Whether it’s a simple, rounded vanity or a larger, uniquely shaped vanity, each has its own beauty and appeal. You can go all out with crazy designs to make a statement or keep it subtle, yet eye-catching. Vanities are best made to customer fit your unique style and personality, here are some ideas that we love…









Forthcoming bar design ideas for a boutique hotel

This is a concept board for an upcoming cocktail bar idea that we have been working on. Let us know your thoughts, do you like it? Would you change anything?


We kept a very neutral and clean-cut approach to this design - keeping in line with what’s trending, as well as the overall look and feel of the hotel, with its sleek, pristine finishes. We added in an element of fun and slight pop of colour with the scarlet red lips as a feature.








This month in understanding design lingo and concepts, we will explain space planning a little, in order for you to understand what this entails.

In space planning, the design professional blocks out interior spatial areas, defines circulation patterns, and develops plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement. Basically, we design your interior layout so that you can use it in the best way, more efficiently and best suited to the functionality that it requires. We keep in mind all the special furniture pieces you would like in place, while designing and creating a beautiful interior around these.