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Visit us at Shop 23, First Floor, Westville Junction Mall. 7 Westville Road, Westville. By appointment only.

T: +27 31 266 5177
C: +27 82 779 9215
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Meet Our Team:


aka “the wander maker’r

Paige is the founder and very proud owner of Redesign Interiors. She just loves her team and everything they do together. She believes personality is the king of design and having so many personalities in Redesign  makes them that much stronger. She lives by the quote from Pablo Picasso “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist” and likes to break the rules as often as she can. 



aka “the sorter outer’r”

Don’t mess with Chantelle, she is the queen of the nest and makes sure everyone is in check. She is the best person to have managing your project and takes her job very seriously. She also is lovely and smiles a lot. 



aka “the quirk’er up’er’r”

Megs is our senior (but not old) interior designer. She just loves to add some quirks and fun to your design! She is super passionate about being creative and enjoys a good challenge. She is also a bit of a rule bender. 



aka ‘the beautifier’r”

Lauren is our very creative interior  designer and loves all things shiny (she is like a magpie that way)! She will spruce up your space in a matter of minutes. When given a new brief you can see the creative juices sparkling in her eyes! 



aka “ the gate keeper’r”

Ashlea is the one who holds the keys to the rest of us, so make sure she is always in your good books otherwise you won’t get in! 




aka 'the newbie"

Nawaal has just joined our team as an addition to the interior designers. She has a wealth of knowledge and is just dying to get super creative in your space. She assists the other designers with drawings and details.




aka “the one who keeps us all going”"

Bongi makes a killer cup of coffee and keeps all us messy creatives tidy!

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