Bathrooms these days should be fresh and airy, not dark and grungy. It’s time to get rid of those hideous olive green tiles and orange bathtubs. Think pastels, neutrals and lemon freshness. There’s lots of fun to be had with bathrooms, by experimenting with colours, textures and layout. We have had the privilege of working on some beautiful bathrooms, each different in their own way, yet all totally gorgeous and on point. Even the smallest bathroom can be designed in a way that brings good looks and smart function together, despite limited space. It’s all in the bathroom design, which is what we do best. 

Your bath is meant for the ultimate relaxation. Make this a fabulous feature, even in a smaller bathroom. Blend your bathtub in with your flooring, by carrying the tiles from the floor up onto the bathtub, or paint it to match your walls. Keep your shower clean and simple – these are often not huge, so why clutter it with shelves and things that are going to cramp your style? Have one or two glass shelves up higher in the shower for all the smellies and keep things away from the floor and taps. 

Keep your toilet simple to avoid it being an eyesore. Put down some fluffy durable rugs and make use of towel racks. Make your basin area a feature, with pretty taps and textured cupboards underneath for storage space. There is always a need for extra storage space in a bathroom. Why not hang some box shelves for a fun feature and throw in some South African wooden figures for diversity. 

Keep your lighting low and ambient – mostly so you can look good naked! Make sure your floors are non-slip; it’s not pretty doing the baby calf in a bathroom. Non-slip doesn’t need to mean ugly – there are plenty of sexy floor options available. Speaking of sexy – why not do some floor to ceiling mirrors; one’s that compliment your figure?





House Naidoo Bathroom 1

House Naidoo Bathroom 3



House Ramchurran Main Bathroom



House Brooks Bathroom 1

House Brooks Bathroom 2