Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and should feel like one. Let us help you transform your sleeping space into one that give you absolute delight when you step into it. Your bedroom can be as creative and bright as you want it (think…lumo), or sleek and elegant with natural calming colours (think…meditation). We have plenty of bedroom design ideas to suit any style. We plan every inch of your bedroom, from the light fittings to the type of flooring that you will step on. 

Do you want a bed that floats? Or side tables the shape of honeycombs? What about lighting that screams seventies disco? 

Our aim with bedrooms is to make it your private haven, where comfort is king. We throw in snug rugs, the softest furnishings and curtains or blinds to set the mood. We can even create you a bedroom fireplace - ooh la la, now doesn’t that sound inviting? 

What about your ceiling? This is the place in your bedroom that you are going to look at the most. Why not turn it in to a focal point by painting it a striking matte black or go for a forest theme? This would set the whole tone of your room - you could even start a trend!

Ladies! We all know how important a good mirror is in the bedroom. And let’s be honest, us gals want to look thinner than we are. Having a long, skinny mirror on your wall makes you look long and skinny - clever right? You could even turn your ceiling into a mirror if you're really feeling daring and adventurous… 

How much cupboard space is too much you ask? Well, how bad is the shopping habit? It’s always a good idea to buy the shoes right? RIGHT! So just build your cupboard space around your habits - there’s no need to cull perfectly gorgeous heels! Make your cupboard a focal point with powder coated paint finishes or Chinese-inspired images. We love these big spaces, and are just itching to throw some ideas around. 




House Naidoo Bedroom 1

House Naidoo Bedroom 2

House Naidoo Bedroom 3


House Ramchurran Bedroom 1

House Ramchurran Bedroom 2

House Ramchurran Main Bedroom