Living Rooms:

 Your living room is meant for the very purpose of its name, and that is to live in and enjoy it. Your living room decor should bring out your personality and style, and we aim to please by creating fun, functional designs. Whether it is sophistication and elegance that you are after, or big, chunky cosiness - we will design a living room space that works for you! 

Couches are usually the main piece in any living room, as they take up the most space. They don’t have to be big and ugly to be homely. Couches can look classy, even trendy, and still be enjoyable to sit on. What about that old faithful that you just love and can’t bare to part with? Let’s recover it and give it a new lease on life!

We love to go wild with coffee tables and side tables. These don’t have to be bland and square. Liven it up a little with a rainbow coloured coffee table or star-shaped side tables. Have fun with shelving. Get bold with wall colours  - how about a bright purple feature wall? Make lighting a talking point, not just a necessity. What about a reading nook for your inner nerd? 

Your living room doesn’t need to be a family frenzy - keep it cosy but neat with incorporated storage boxes that double as extra seats. Don’t stop drinking the wine for fear of wine stains. Let us fix you up some crafty coasters or maybe even some wine glass holders on the wall, away from little fingers. 

Is that TV unit an eyesore? Replace it with a younger, cleaner model. Make family photos or those treasured art pieces, a feature on your walls. Throw rugs and throws around like confetti for the ultimate family feel. 

Where are your windows placed? Are they allowing for maximum sunlight in the right places? Are they causing a glare in the wrong places? Placement is key in your living area - this is what we specialise in. Make sure your curtains or blinds are made to fit your windows, and bring the right ambience to your space. 

Is your living area toasty in winter, and cool in summer? Remember that this is your space for living, and it needs to make the cut.



House Ramchurran Living Room 


House Naidoo Living Room


House Beagle Living Room


House de Goede Living Room