Every parent wants the best for their newborn baby, and as moms, this can sometimes be a bit of a competition between friends. Fear not. Here at Redesign we have some of the best nursery decorating ideas around - your room is destined to turn heads! We get as excited about your nursery as you do. Believe it, we really do. Whether it’s bold, bright blues for boys or gentle, calming pinks for girls, or fun, funky colours and finishings - we are ready to get this going baby (pardon the pun).

We will custom-make all the essentials for your little bundles room. We can design and make up any size or shape cot - varnished in natural wood, or painted to a theme. There are no limits. 

Compactums are the next important big piece of furniture in a baby room. We will build one to fit your space perfectly - even one’s with nifty little towel rails and special compartments. 

What about somewhere for those stinky nappies to be disposed of, or easy-to-clean surfaces for whoopsy daisies? 

Babies become more and more alert as they get older - how about some mirrors around the room for baby to start noticing himself. This is a great form of entertainment. Lighting is the other important factor in a nursery. Soft lighting can be helpful with those midnight feeds. It can also become a fantastic form of entertainment, with abstract and colourful forms of light fittings. 

We take into consideration little hands and feet, and delicate heads. Soft furnishings are important for nurseries, to keep the little’s safe and out of harm. A nice, comfy sofa would also go down well for those long nights, wouldn’t it moms? 

Storage space can always be a problem with the ever-increasing baby things. We cleverly provide for all those awkward baby essentials, like that odd shaped baby bath, or that feeding pillow that was used once. 

We don’t miss a beat with our nursery designs. We plan everything for your nursery from the type of floor treatment and paint that is used, ensuring that it won’t be harmful to baby - to how everything is laid out in the room, making it as easy as possible for you to do your oh-so-important mommy duties.